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Starting the stewardship work program of  IATMI in 2016, in order to raise the standard of competence of its engineers, IATMI to support SPE will organize Engineer Professional Certification exams are 17th on April 4 – 8 in 2016 in Yogyakarta.

In an effort to improve the graduation of participants, various improvements we have implemented include:

  1. The first day tutorial is filled with an explanation regarding the importance of professional certification exams engineer and strategies;
  2. Besides the tutorial material that contains sample questions and answers fields of drilling, production, assessment of formation and reservoir, also given the book Quick Reference Guidance for Petroleum Engineers (QRG) issued by the SPE, is a collection of 38 literature contains equations, charts, tables and formulas in Drilling field, Assessment formation, production, production facilities, reservoir and economics as well as the conversion factor is required in petroleum engineering. This book is used for tutorials and exams can also be used as a reference for daily work;
  3. The amount of matter per session original 50 questions to 35 questions (exam 2 morning and afternoon sessions, each session @ 3.5 hours of original @ 4 hours);
  4. If the registered participants require softfile tutorial material to be studied first, IATMI would be happy to send them via email;
  5. For participants who have not successfully passed, IATMI provides an opportunity to take the exam one more time with the examination fee of 50%.

We hope, you pleased to use this opportunity.

For further information please contact us :

Bambang Pudjianto  0816.911.959  |  bambang.p@iatmi.or.id;

Abdul Manan  0813.162.54474  |  abdulmanan@iatmi.or.id; or

IATMI Pusat  021.520.3057  |  pusat@iatmi.or.id;

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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